Sunday, May 24, 2015

8 Months

It amazes me how fast the months go by. The twins are now 8 months old and I feel like they have changed so much.
 Ann Marie sits up so well now! She is pulling up on EVERYTHING!! And yesterday she started to point with her pointer finger.

 Ann Marie pretty much takes everything from her brother...
Colton is crawling on his belly really fast now! He also LOVES the water! 
The pool or bath he can't get enough!
 I took the twins to see the Jordan kids! It's so much fun to see the twins I watched for almost 10 years hold my twins!
 Mom sent me all these pictures of Ann Marie one day while I was at work. 
GiGi had a mini photo shoot! :)

 We went to visit the Muchnick fam! I am so thankful to have Natalie close by. Some days I just need a mom of multiples to share life with. The precious triplets are growing so fast! Hope and Ann Marie sure have their brothers beat weight wise. Colton kept crawling towards Hope and Ann Marie wouldn't leave William alone. Lord help us in the years to come. :)

 My mom and I took the twins to Brixx one night for dinner. They did soo good! I was so impressed and encouraged that we could do it!
 Clay sent me this text from the Thrift Store of this mirror. It was $10. I really wanted a bigger cork board for all our save the dates and baby announcements. For Mother's Day Clay said he would make me one for our kitchen. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!!
 He added some wood to the right side to make it look like a window.

 This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend! So of course I had to dress the Twins patriotic.

 We played outside for a little bit...
Our first day in the pool. They loved it!!

 There are days I feel overwhelmed and WAY over my head with all that is on my plate. Then I realize there are soo much I have to be thankful for. I started everyday listing some of my blessings. It really helps to put things in perspective. God has truly blessed us and I am thankful for all I am given. Especially the opportunity to be a wife to Clay and a mom to my precious twins!!

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